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Westwood Fire Department

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Westwood Volunteer Fire Department

Westwood Volunteer Fire Department

Proudly serving since 1894.

Be Apart of the 127 Year Tradition

Be Apart of the 127 Year Tradition

Join the WFD today!

The Westwood Fire Department is actively seeking residents who are interested in serving their community by volunteering with our department.


Firefighter applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Cadet Corps. applicants must be at least 15 years of age but not older than 18 years of age.


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January 2021 Monthly Press Release

Westwood Volunteer Fire Department responded to 21 alarms in January 2021

Fire Chief Michael Griffin Sr. reports that the Westwood Fire Department was called 21 times for emergency assistance during the month of January 2021. Chief Griffin reports that none of the calls turned out to be serious fires.

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Keep fire hydrants clear!

Residents are urged to clear snow and ice from their nearest fire hydrant (3 feet in all directions). During an emergency time is extremely valuable and the life you save may be your own!


Since February 10, 1894 the Westwood Volunteer Fire Department has been serving 24/7, 365 days a year. Westwood is 2.9 square miles with a population of 11,000 residents. Our intention is to serve the public in the most professional manner possible. Assisting our law enforcement agency and emergency medical service whenever requested. The department operates out of one centrally located headquarters with two engines, one truck and one rescue. Please stop in and visit or inquire about becoming a volunteer. We also welcome comments on our performance and service to the community we proudly serve. Help us to help you.

- Chief Michael Griffin Sr.



Westwood Volunteer Fire Department

93 Center Avenue

Westwood, New Jersey 07675

(201) 664-0526  |  Emergency Dial 911

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