WESTWOOD F.D. RESPONDS TO 21 Calls in January 2021

These 21 emergency calls, two fire department work/maintenance details and one training required over 300 hours of volunteer time.

The Westwood fire Department was called to assist the Emerson Fire Department under the mutual aid agreement once and received assistance on one occasion from the Emerson Fire Department.

Automatic fire alarms were received seven times in January. Although no fires existed at any of these incidents, a full fire department response is required. Firefighters check the entire building to determine if an actual fire exists. A variety of situations caused these alarms. Two of the alarms were set off by cooking smoke. No cause for the alarm activation was found at two of the calls. Alarm malfunctions caused two fire department responses and workers in the building set off alarms on another occasion.

Four times the fire department responded to investigate incidents when citizens smelled natural gas. At these calls fire crews respond and check the area or building with meters. A small gas leak was found at one home near the water heater. Firefighters shut the gas and turned the situation over to PSE&G gas technicians. At three other calls no gas was present. And the fourth call a gas leak was found in the street. This scene was turned over to PSE&G gas crews.

Two fire department responses were for Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms. Carbon monoxide, CO, is an odorless and colorless gas given off by improperly burning heating or cooking equipment. It can be fatal at high levels. Again, each of the CO calls required a full fire department response. Fire crews check the entire building with meters and determined that one alarm was for workers using gas powered equipment in a building. No cause was found at the other call. The occupancies were turned over to PSE&G gas technicians for further investigation.

Additional responses were for a caller who thought steam from a dryer was smoke and callers smelling smoke which, after investigation, turned out to be burned food and dust from a ventilation system.

The Westwood Fire department reminds readers that after the recent snowfall fire hydrants may be covered in snow. Please assist area fire departments by clearing ice and snow from around fire hydrants in your neighborhood. The hydrants are needed to fight fires which may include your property. When fires break out time is of the essence. Fire fighters must find hydrants closest to the fire. Time taken to find and dig out fire hydrants covered with snow takes away from the effort to extinguish the fire. Please clear three feet in all directions around the hydrant.

This article was submitted by the Westwood Fire Department. Any Fire Department related questions can be e-mailed to wwfdchief@westwoodnj.gov or by calling 201-664-0526. The fire prevention bureau can be reached at wfpb191@usa.net or by calling 201-664-7100 ext 308

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